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Music from the following labels are released with permission or owned by Tracy Brown.

 Tracy Brown has ownership to reproduce from the following labels.


Paid Records

 Permission to use music by Glad Music Company


Was owned by  Gerald McWhiter






Was owned by Don Jochum



Was owned Lonnie Sesher



 Was owned by Bill Odam



 Was owned by Mac McCullar




 Was owned by James Maxey




 Owned by Tracy Brown



 Was owned by Carolyn Stevens




 Owned by Lamon  Records



 Owned by Bruce Johnson



Owned by Jack Berg 






Owned by BJ Carnahan




 Owend by Bobby Delph




 Owned by Hugh Macy




Owned by Chuck Bryan & Bob Shiver 



  Owned by Linda Forest  & 



 Owned by Bob Osgood





 Owned by Warren Mosely



 Owned by Mitchael Johnstone




 Owned by Charles Quisenberry



Owned by Ted Frye




 Owned by Otis Blanchard



 Owned by Brian Hotchkies



Owned by Eddie Milan